A General Overview On Granulation Process

Most medical supplement, pills or tablets are combined with its various ingredients from a process that is known as granulation. And they consist of two different types that are known as the dry or the wet technique. The efficiency of the technique may depend on the ingredients and may vary according to the needs and variation of what the situation demands. For instance, in dry granulation liquid and moisture are avoided, and the end product is formed by compressing the ingredients until granules are formed as a result of it.

It is most suitable especially for ingredients that are responsive to physical stimuli such as wetness caused by water or the presence of heat. On the other hand, wet granulation is quite the opposite to its dry counterpart. Use of liquid and moisture in vital is this process, and they are frequently used to get the process completed from their powdery form. The solution, however, has to be accurate and precise to initiate the best possible outcome without any setback or hindrances.

This is done with the best interest of retaining desired quality from the wet granulation in an effective manner. They play an important role in ensuring lineament of acceptable standards and quality. Such method of granulation comes as an aid in evenly spreading all ingredients equally in Sustained-release pellet capsules. They also improve the texture and taste of the tablet with a smooth finish.

Whether it is to improve densification or eliminate excess substances that don’t comply with the acceptable standards in shapes and sizes. The granulation process does a great job of accomplishing such pursuit effortlessly. Before resuming with large scale production in tablet form. The act of testing granulation can be carried out on a trial basis to get variation across all constituents just right. That way the best formulation can be necessitated and production scaled up accordingly for the benefit of both the patients or the consumers in general.

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