What is darknet and who makes use of the darknet?

Darknet is a short form of dark internet. It is a private network used only by the community of darknet users. Darknet is an overlay network and facilitates users to use the internet anonymously. The darknet is accessible only through specific browsers and software. A person using the darknet is anonymous and his information and data cannot be stolen. His personal details and his location can not be traced either.

Owing to the immense privacy and anonymity the darknet markets provides, the darknet is used by military to pass crucial data and information, the government and law enforcement organizations. The use of surface internet facilitates people to see who is talking to whom and where they are located. However, when it comes to darknet, neither the identity nor the location nor the data can be traced.This is why governments and military prefer the darknet for their purposes.

The darknet is also used by agents, soldiers or politicians. The darknet gives them the platform to pass data and information without any hassle. The darknet is also made use by a number of political bloggers and journalists, especially journalists who stay in hostile places and are scared of prosecutions. The darknet facilitates free sharing of views and opinions without being caught. When a person uses darknet, his IP address, his identity, his location and his activities cannot be traced by anyone.

The darknet is also used by a number of non law abiding citizens like criminals, thieves, burglars, gangsters and so on to. Thieves and burglars make use of the darknet to sell illegal stuffs while criminals sell their services to anyone who is willing to pay them. Organizations also make use of the darknet to carry on their operations without any hassle or fear of being traced and tracked.

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